In spring and summer, nature offers the perfect setting for organizing a Bohemian Chic wedding.

Inspired by the arrival of the flower season, we collected a number of ideas on a Bohemian theme wedding.

will give you suggestions for preparing your party, from the Bohemian bridal look to decency for a special day outdoors.

Bohemian Chic Wedding for a Party in Spring or Summer

Bohemian Chic Wedding: choose like a Bohemian wedding dress according to the theme and season of the feast
Bohemian Chic wedding celebrates nature in all its beauty. The whole decoration of a Bohemian wedding revolves around organic accessories and a fresh and bright atmosphere. The Bohemian wedding dress is no exception to this principle. Long and comfortable, it emphasizes the silhouette of the bride without unnecessary ornaments.

Which wedding dress for a bohemian wedding in the summer months?
The Bohemian Chic wedding dress is inspired and adapts to the natural environment and the party environment. If you are planning a summer wedding, choose a fine, light dress made of organic materials. It will bring you a lot of comfort during your special day.

Choose your Bohemian wedding dress for an outdoor wedding during the spring months.
For a spring wedding, you can choose a model with or without sleeves. Lace is a nice complement that is found on many bridal outfits. The flower motif dominates and creates a link between the theme of decency, space and the bride’s dress.

What are the possibilities for a Boho bridal hairstyle? A wreath of flowers, such as that of bows and arrows flowers in the picture above, a wedding hairstyle accessory is almost a must. Choose plants that can withstand the heat and dryness to keep your crown fresh and beautiful all day long.
The hippie-chic wedding hairstyle privileges freedom and natural accessories.
The bridal hairstyle is also inspired by nature. As a result, the hair is often worn free or with a small plait behind the skull, as in the picture above. Also in this case you can accompany your Boho bridal hairstyle with a crown of fresh plants.

The hippie chic wedding hairstyle accessories are inspired by the environment. If you have long hair, wear them in a plait, accompanied by a natural vine or a jewel for bridal hairstyle.

On his special day, wear comfortable shoes to pamper him

Choose sandals for a bohemian chic wedding during the hottest days of the summer
The open sandals are ideal for the summer. Match them to your wedding dress with gemstones.


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