You are brown and you love it because of its numerous advantages. But there is a moment when every brunette needs a change. It’s nice to try different haircuts, but sometimes it’s not enough.

With the arrival of summer we think more and more holidays, in the sun and in the sea, it is a good time for a change of coloration. Be quiet! Our editorial has a suggestion for you: The blonde sweep to brown. This technique is for many reasons and why. Take a few minutes and take a look at our special article.

Blonde sweeping on brunettes for this summer – is it possible?

You are a brunette and dream of cleaning up your hair for a while? You are in the right place. The blonde sweeping is the ideal solution to go from brown to blonde soft. The blonde sweep, or in other words the sunlight or the flash, is a very trendy technique that consists of gently thinning the hair. Or the main object of the blonde scan on brown is a “sunburn” effect, as if we had just returned from vacation.

Sweeping blonde on brown – how and why?
Hair sweeping is a method of removing hair from thin hair for a brilliant and natural result. By decoupling part of your hair, you get a natural color and in harmony with the rest of your hair. That’s why many women choose this thinning technique.

By the way, if you start to have white hair, this is the perfect solution to hide it. This color preserves your hair much more than a classic coloration. It also requires much less maintenance. Just go to the hairdresser 2 to 3 times a year, enter the appropriate care products and the trick is played. We recommend that you wash your hair with a special shampoo for coloured hair. Don’t forget to moisten your hair with a mask once a week. If possible, avoid the straightening iron or at least apply a heat protection product. This will keep your colour for longer.

Blond sweeping requires a few small touches.
It is much more difficult to make a brown hair stripe than on lighter hair because of the contrast. Therefore, we advise you to avoid it the first time. Trust your colorist and ask him for advice afterwards.
Who can opt for a blonde swing to brown?
This partial colouring is possible on straight hair as well as on curly and wavy hair. It is to be avoided only for women with very short hair. Due to the short length they cannot achieve the desired sun effect.

Now there are scanning techniques for all hair types and with a different colouring as a result. But one thing is common: the sun effect, the reflexes and the natural shine of the hair.

If you plan to do a scan don’t miss a look at our California Sweep Articles, Honey Sweep and Caramel Sweep. The difference between all these types of scans lies in shades.



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