The person entering the apartment first enters the hallway. One of the main roles is the colors of the embroidery materials. It would be nice to include open materials in the small and dark corridor; on the contrary, more dark colors work in the large corridor, for example; plump red and brown colors. To decorate the narrow aisle, you must use cold colors.

When installing the corridor, you must consider the dimensions of the aisle and choose the furniture for it. Do not overfill the corridor, you must limit the amount of furniture. A good option is a built-in closet with a mirror. In this case, there is no need to place another cabinet or mirror in the corridor. The hallway should look very clean and modern.

Living room

The living room has many different functions, but it is certain that the whole family’s morale depends on the comfort of the place. The main room in the living room consists of a series of soft furniture. These furnishings are comfortable and suitable for the size of the room. Large and soft furnishings look good in large rooms. Smaller and thicker furnishings can be used in smaller guest rooms.

The guest room has a fireplace. If you do not have a real fireplace, then there is also an artificial fireplace. The varieties of modern electric fireplaces are varied, completely safe, aesthetic and simple. Besides decorative functions, they also play the role of a heater. Kamin immediately draws attention. It transforms into the center of the composition and groups the other elements around it.

If the living room also serves as the rest and the dining room, then you can have the floor paved, for example, on the podium with the resting area (sofa, several seats, and magazines), and the table, chair, buffet below.

There is room for a mini work cabinet in the living room. In the wall between the working area and the recreation area, it is possible to use the book droppings evenly to the half of the room. Special attention should be paid to the color gamut, it would be better to use sensitive colors; white and black, and do not use pure red.

It is best to choose warm colors for the guest room in shades of green, dark red and oak, yellow or orange. Not recommended in the living room. Curtains should not be too thick. The natural sculpture pays special attention to the color of the living room.

Various lamp types can be used to optimize the living room. Where time ends, caves or wall lamps, torches and table lamps are used. Walls, vases, ceramic figures and so on. Drawings Guest room is more comfortable. Pictures cannot be placed below the height of the human and the most interesting accessories are best illuminated.

When choosing decorative elements for a living room, you should consider the style of the room. When the room looks like a museum, do not fill the interior with accessories.


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