More than any other room in a house or apartment, the bedroom conveys cosy warmth and comfort. Especially in the cold and wet seasons, the bedroom is an important retreat to spend cosy hours, to leave everyday life behind and to collect new energy for the short and low-light days. In order to create a cosy and comfortable room, the central element is a high-quality and visually appealing bed that guarantees optimal lying comfort. With a little creativity, the bedroom becomes a place that presents itself as an oasis of warmth and colourful naturalness in time for autumn.

The bed – a place to snuggle up and relax
The right bed is not only the most important aspect of bedroom furnishing, but also one of the most important pieces of furniture in the whole house. It should correspond to the individual feeling of living and blend harmoniously into the design of the entire room. Boxspring beds are among the most popular furniture for bedrooms this year, and this trend is set to continue in autumn. Such beds are characterised by a high level of lying comfort and guarantee cozy moments in long and dark nights.

Another trend in the bedroom that perfectly matches the style of the cold season is beds made of solid wood. The Pharao24 shop offers a large number of different solid wooden beds in its range, including the classic heartwood beech bed from the Vitura brand. A high-quality bed like this, in combination with other natural bedroom furniture, gives the room a natural atmosphere and an original character.

Not to be forgotten are the wooden chests of drawers and cupboards, which in autumn in dark tones stand out with their discreet metal elements and at the same time lend the rustic pieces a modern touch. Discreet storage space, a comfortable upholstered armchair upholstered in natural tones and a bookshelf underline the quiet atmosphere that distracts from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Accessories in natural shades for the bedroom
In autumn, nature says goodbye to the summer’s splendour of colours and bathes the landscape in a golden light that shines once again through warm colours such as orange, yellow and red. This uplifting look can also be easily integrated into the bedroom by adding autumnal accents to accessories that have been deliberately chosen. Subdued colours and patterns reminiscent of nature are particularly effective in rustic bed linen as well as in upholstery, checkered wool blankets or wall tattoos with leaf motifs. Carefully designed light moods underline the autumn feeling and create a cosy atmosphere. Floor lamps placed in room corners, copper luminaires or atmospheric draped chains of lights conjure up a discreet light that discreetly underlines the autumnal retreat atmosphere. Candles and tea lights in honey, red and berry tones round off the cosy lighting atmosphere. If you want to completely escape the autumn low, you can also consider redesigning one or more walls with warm colours such as yellow, brick red or light brown, which have an extremely positive effect on the mood and perfectly round off the bedroom look for the cold season.



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