Uşak Ulubey Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world after the state of Arizona  the canyon wealth of USA offers  visitors the delightful nature with its glass terrace.

Source: orangesmile.com

Ulubey Canyon is located in Ulubey District which is 30 km away from Uşak. The canyon extended along the Ulubey Stream and Banaz Stream.

If you go for a walk, you’ll find yourself in a hidden paradise.

Tourism in the region has increased in recent years.

The glass terrace built in the canyon attracts you with this unique beauty.

In addition, all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown in the canyon.

You can also make a pleasant journey through the canyon with the land vehicle.

As you can stay in the center of Uşak, you can also set up a tent in the canyon.

In short, if your way  passes through Uşak province, come up here and see the Ulubey Canyon undoubtedly you’ll say fortunately  I  come to see this natural wonder.


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