Bamboo beds with slatted frame – the new dimension of individuality

This new material from the Asian regions is increasingly conquering the western world. It began many years ago as an ornamental plant in small flower pots. In the meantime, more and more the use and the individual design variety of bamboo is being discovered. The many types of large bamboo alone open up completely new dimensions for designers. The latest trend is based on the contrast between light and dark bamboo. These harmonious contrasts are increasingly finding their way into bedrooms. The harmony of this sleeping furniture alone, especially the bamboo beds, promises every owner completely new phases of relaxation. The serenity of the Orient surrounds you gently and captivates those seeking peace and quiet.

The bamboo bed with sky is also unique.

Even the adaptation to the western culture of life in no way diminishes the fascination of bamboo. And for all individualists it is precisely the beds he has always been looking for, because no two bamboo beds are alike. Because here the designer takes advantage of the uniqueness of natural materials because there can be no equality in nature. So there are always small but decisive differences in the grain and colour. And this is exactly what the successful individualists want. Like its owner, every bamboo bed is absolutely unique.

Unique pieces and sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive.

A tropical wood needs a lot of time from the shoot to the big tree, the bamboo on the other hand needs on average only five to six years. This alone means that this raw material meets all sustainability requirements in terms of environmental protection. And it is precisely for this reason that the bamboo bed inspires many designers to create their diverse creations. And the buyer can sit back and relax because global environmental protection remains guaranteed. Bamboo combines two opposing goals into a unique harmony and the secrets of the Orient.


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