It is time for something to change in your house, so you should review the following keys to modernize your bathroom and make it a much more pleasant environment

Let’s accept it: every time you enter it you feel that it does not fit with the rest of the house; It has become obsolete, old and is far from being that place where you would like to take refuge for a few minutes to fill yourself with pampering. The time has come to get down to work and modernize your bathroom to transform it into a hedonistic temple.

How to modernize your bathroom

1. Change the pavement

10 great ideas to modernize your bathroom

Look at your bathroom floor, is it out of fashion? Has it become filled with stains that are impossible to remove? An option that is in fashion today to modernize the bathroom are the hydraulic mosaics; However, they have a problem: they are very delicate.

We recommend you choose porcelain tiles that give it a super modern touch and are more resistant and cheaper. Everything is advantages!

2. A new under sink 

10 great ideas to modernize your bathroom

If you live as a couple , you should already know that coexistence is complicated and that the fight for space can cause some tension.

For this reason, we propose that, to modernize your bathroom, you opt for a custom cabinet with two sinks. This will allow you both to use the bathroom at the same time without getting in the way . You can also add two rows of drawers so that each one has their things stored as they want.

3. Drawers, the key point to modernize your bathroom


We recommend that you choose large sliding drawers; You will see how useful they are to have all your products well ordered and visible.

In addition, you can give a porcelain tile contrast point using wooden drawers, they look great!

4. An XXL shower

4. An XXL shower

An XXL shower

Most of the time we do not have the space to have a large shower, but if you are going to get into renovations, it may be the opportunity to make a shower as wide as possible.

Create a pleasant and bright space. An idea? Leave the walls tiled, you will see how easy it is to clean them. 

As for the shower tray, the trend is that they are flush  so that they go unnoticed. You can play with the colors of the floor and even combine it with the taps.

5. Taps with personality

To modernize your bathroom, the faucet is one of the accessories that will give you the most play to give it personality. Run away from the chrome designs of a lifetime if you want to be original and look for new proposals in black, matte or even millennial pink , one of our favorites.

6. The details that add up when you go to modernize your bathroom

If you want to give it a very personal air, you will have to forget about conventions and for that, you need to open your mind and be as creative as possible.

You can put objects that are not typical of the bathroom, such as mirrors, some paintings and lamps, in this way you will create a very cozy and different place from all the others.

7. Colors are important

A new under sink 

10 great ideas to modernize your bathroom

Choose well the color palette that you are going to use. We recommend that you opt for a maximum of three colors and combine them between them making it one that stands out.

Remember that the towels, the mat and all the accessories must be in harmony to achieve the harmony you are looking for.

8. Green I love you green

Plants can never be missing in a bathroom, we don’t say it, so does Feng Shui. They are basic to work with the stagnant energy that is usually in this area of ​​the house and with humidity.

9. A special touch that will modernize your bathroom

Whether you decide to paint the walls, or if you prefer to put wallpaper, it will be a success because both are trending. But remember that you must protect the walls from splashes and for this, we suggest that you place a sill in front of the sink.

10. The lighting

10 great ideas to modernize your bathroom

Last but not least, light, this is one of the key points to change the look of a space. 

There are very nice sconces that you can choose depending on the style of the rest of the bathroom, but another trick is to place lights behind the sink cabinet to create a very relaxing effect.

Yes now! We have renovated your bathroom from top to bottom and you can launch a modern environment full of its own personality.



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